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soul yoga


"In February 2011 a dream came true for Rosa and many yogis: a hot yoga studio in Dortmund.

What has become of this "great love" after all these years?


We tried a lot and searched curiously what suits us, Soulyoga. Much has started to move and has changed. There were renewals, conversions and investments every year. Our team has grown and since October 2015 we have two yoga rooms. Our studio highlights include the retreats and yoga classes. Soulyoga has become a place of her own with a lot of passion and energy. A place with all the things that are important and important to us in the team:


Joy, laughter, an honest togetherness, curiosity, appreciation and - of course - a lot of yoga, a lot of OM.


On this journey, many companions helped us to arrive here.


We are constantly working together as a team to make our Soulyoga studio your favorite place. A place where you feel good and that you always like to come back to.


Without breaking with love, we want to create new opportunities and remain true to our great love: Yoga


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Your Soulyogis "